Pro Mixers’ Favorite Plugins Revealed | Live Overview w/Chris Baseford (Ep.4)
December 15, 2023
Say Goodbye to Fake Reverbs on Drums | Live w/Chris Baseford (Ep.6)
December 15, 2023
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Mastering: What it is… and what it’s NOT!!! | Live w/Chris Baseford (Ep.5)

Join professional producer/mixer/engineer Chris Baseford in this eye-opening YouTube livestream as he shares invaluable insights and advice on mastering, dispelling common misconceptions.

Gain a deeper understanding of the true purpose and potential of mastering, as Chris emphasizes the importance of a well-crafted mix and how mastering should enhance, not compensate for, any shortcomings.

Learn from real-world stories and practical advice, avoiding common mistakes made when relying too heavily on mastering to salvage subpar mixes.

Whether you’re a seasoned mixer or just starting out, this livestream is a must-watch for clarity on the mastering process.

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