Mastering: What it is… and what it’s NOT!!! | Live w/Chris Baseford (Ep.5)
December 15, 2023
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Say Goodbye to Fake Reverbs on Drums | Live w/Chris Baseford (Ep.6)


Join us for an exclusive live stream with renowned record producer and mixer, Chris Baseford! 🎶 🔥

In this special event, Chris will unveil his latest creations with DrumForge: Drum S.O.A.P. and Arcus.

🚀 🥁 Drum S.O.A.P. – Sounds of Ambient Places: Discover a world of unparalleled drum sounds meticulously crafted by Chris Baseford and Andrew Cruz. Drum S.O.A.P. is not your ordinary drum sample library. Recorded in four unique, historic buildings, these rooms facilitate unusually long decay times to enable huge drum sounds not attainable in traditional recording studios.

Chris will preview a variety of the available drums sounds sharing his insights on how these samples can elevate your music production game.

🎛️ Arcus – Systematic Ambient Envelope Shaping Plugin: Explore the cutting-edge plugin, Arcus, designed to push the boundaries of traditional noise gates and provide control over the shape of your sounds in a musical way.

Chris Baseford will demonstrate how Arcus can transform your mixes, providing a unique and innovative approach to sound sculpting.

Don’t miss this chance to witness the power of Arcus in action and learn firsthand from a master of the craft.

🤩 Livestream Highlights:

* Exclusive Demo: Chris will showcase Drum S.O.A.P. and Arcus in action, revealing their capabilities and sonic potential.

* Q&A Session: Get your questions answered by Chris Baseford himself. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, this is your opportunity to gain insights from a Grammy-nominated industry veteran.

* Giveaways: Stay tuned for exciting giveaways throughout the livestream. You could be the lucky winner of Drum S.O.A.P. or Arcus!

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